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Item title eGo CE4 Personal Vaporiser Kit - Twin Pack
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Starter twin kit containing a 2 CE4+ atomizers with a 650mah battery, wall socket charger (AU) and a usb charger in a vinyl zipper pack.


For new customers we are giving away a FREE 30ml bottle of Tobacco flavoured eJuice!


That's a whopping $16.50 saving!


The kits are made up of random colour variations.

* With stainless steel design
* With multi long cotton thread, produce large amount of smoke
* Very convenient for filling with eJuice
* No tar and other cancer causing substances
* No second-hand smoke, environmental protection
* Battery Capacity: 650mah
CE4 Atomizer:
1.long wick
3.Puffs for full liquid: 800 puffs

1.Working voltage: 3.3-4.2V
2. Battery life: more than 300 times
3. Its voltage is not changeable
4. Puffs per full 650mah battery:900 puffs
5. with ego t logo on the battery

output current: 400mA

Package Includes:
1 * Electronic Cigarette (2 CE4 atomizer and 2 battery)
1 * USB Charger

1* AUS wall socket
1 * Vinyl zipper case